Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bostan City Place Vampire Facts

1.vampires grow until they are 18 years old, then they stop growing and remain that age forever.
2.vampires can have children.
3. Since no humans live on Bostan City Place, Bostan City Place vampires drink artificial blood.
4. Some are not pale, and they don't have circles under their eyes.
5. Their eye color changes with moods.
6.They can have headaches, stomachaches, and fevers, but they don't die. They can't.
7.Some can do extra stuff but not all of them.
8.They run fast, they are strong, and they are beyond beautiful.
9.They do cry.
10.They do sleep.
Vampire Academie the web show
(the web show is like the series "the clique" but they are all vampires. I don't own the books or the dialogues. Its just for fun!)

In the web show, all thse artificial blood eater vampires live on an large island in the middle of the pacific ocean called Bostan City Place, where there's no humans. One of the best schools in the city is Vampire Island Academie (VIA). The popular clique in the school is called the SBS, StylishBloodSuckers. Breana Crill is the uncontested ruler of the SBS, and of the entire seventh graders. Everyone wants to be friends with her. She knows it. Her entire life revolves around her friends, her home, and her amazing wardrobe.
Her beta is Allison Mitchell. She is beautiful and does wathever Breana tells her to do, like a good second in command. her comebacks are sharp and mean.
Natalie Cassis is an colombian beauty who preferes being called Natalia to accentuate her roots. Her friends never do. Even though she's skinny she still worries about her weigh. She knows how to defend herself.
Candie Cooper is the athlete. She's really pretty, skinny and cares about her grades. Her real name isn't Candie, but they call her that because she absollutely adoooooooooooressssssss candie, especially bloody lollipops. She may seem sweet, but her bite is mortal.

A new girl from an island in the atlantic ocean moves in to Bostan City Place, and is staying in Breana's guest house until they find a house. Amanda is obviously not SBS material with target bathing suits and walmart wardrobe. Lets see how it gets when Amanda starts getting in the Breana's way.

And that's something she doesn't allow.

Vampire Academy is basically a web site to have fun. Here you can see our web show called vampire academy, that is about this clique of girls that are the popular ones at her exclusive school. The vampires we talk about here are a bit different that the ones you know or the ones Stephenie Meyer created. In this website you can also watch funny videos made by us, bloopers of Vampire Academy, an other stuff that we'll soon thik about. So, just have fun!