Friday, March 20, 2009

Pics of the Cast
Meet the actresses!

Breana Crill: Sarah Crill

Allison Mitchell: Erika Jaramillo

Candie Cooper: Marla Garzon

there's no pictures of Leydi yet, who plays Natalie Cassis, but we'll find one soon. Don't worry :D

Good Bye Rebeca!!!

There has been a change in the cast. Our friend who was going to play Natalie Cassis, Rebeca Arreaga, can't play her anymore because of some weird reason that we first tried to know about. So now Natalie Cassis is going to be acted by Leydi Henao, the girl who was going to play Ashley Green, who now is going to be played by Ashley Silva.

Welcome to Vampire-Academie Ashley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!