Thursday, March 19, 2009

The clique trailer

Remember I told u before that vampire academie was going to be like the clique? right now we are still doing the finishing touches until we start filmimg the episodes, so we havn't had time to do the trailer. So here I'm going to show u the trailer of the clique movie, to see what u could expect from our webshow. The actresses are going to be changed, obviusly, the names, and a bit the story, since it is vampire style.

To watch the clique trailer, go here:

Credits of the web show
Breana Crill -------------------------------------------------------------Sarah Crill
Allison Mitchell--------------------------------------------------------Erika Jaramillo
Natalia Cassis---------------------------------------------------------Rebeca Arreaga
Candie Cooper---------------------------------------------------------Marla Garzon
Ashley Green----------------------------------------------------------Leydi Henao

Its going to be soooo much fun! the cast is entirely made up by my friends and I, Marla, who will be playing Candie Cooper like I said above. To all my Okeeheelee friends who are checking out this website: hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you luv the show!!!!! leave comments!!