Monday, March 23, 2009

Vampire Academie theme song

Gorgeous hair
amazing wardrobe
sharp fangs
and bloody lips

These are the requisites to be in the vampire clique
but don't think that anybody can join them
if they hate you, your life is over

But what if a new girl was coming to town
and she is staying at Breana's guesthouse
She'll do anything to be friends with her
But the problem is, they don't like her

Vampire Academie
the drama of a vampire clique
doesn't matter if you are human or not
you still want to fit in

Vampire Academie
There's always something new to see
This is like a lottery
Everybody wants to win


written by: Marla Garzon, Erika Jaramillo, Sarah Crill, Leydi Henao